The Most Satisfying Thing that Ever Happened While Driving

I was driving down the right lane of a two-lane highway (speed limit 55), about 9:15 pm on the way home from work. Wasn’t feeling particularly speedy, so I was going about 60 in the right lane. There was a car ahead of me going slower, so I checked the left lane to see about passing him. No one there except a car far back in the distance. I moved into the left lane, and all of the sudden the car that was very far away is almost on top of me; he had to have been doing about 90. Naturally he tailgates me, so I speed up to pass the other car and get out of his way, probably to about 70. As I got back into the right lane, he¬†gunned his engines and rocketed¬†directly into the line of sight of the state trooper that was hidden in the median. Reader, he was pulled over. I drove away cheering.