The List’s List

What I’m Drinking While I Type: 2014 Starborough Sauvignon Blanc, approximately $10. A white wine kick in the face that gets me more drunk more quickly than any other wine. Who knows why.
What I’m watching While I Type: Season 2 of The Guild

So I’ve been busy brainstorming different things I could write about and I’ve got some fun ideas, fun pictures fun times. But then I tried to think about my approach to new blogs, which, as a person who is a weird subtype of procrastinatory and perfectionist, often involves going back to the beginning a blog and reading every single post, in order to get the full experience of the author’s blog journey. And I thought, hey, I think I’d like it if there was a post at the beginning telling dear reader about the author!

Here are some things about me:

  • Things I covered in the first post: I’m a children’s librarian, I read a lot, I craft inefficiently, I love video games and board games. I think that was it?
    • Specificity: I like literally any book, there is no discernible pattern to my reading habits.
    • My favorite video game is anything that starts with The Legend of Zelda, and beyond that I look for games with a good story. Have you played 999? You should play 999. I love weird indie games and their excellent price points.
    • Don’t ask me what my favorite board game is unless you want to stare at a person going “uhhhhhhh” for ten minutes. I’ll play anything at least once.
  • I got married two years ago, and the husband, whose name is Stefan, and I are best friends (<obligatory puking noise>) who like to hang out a lot and be lazy nerds.
    gwahir 2

    Gwahir the Windlord

    We live in a crooked but sunny apartment we rent in a suburb with our parakeet Gwahir the Windlord and our guinea pigs Bernard and Manny. Bernard and Manny have only been living with us a few month, and we’re in a stage I’ve come to think of as “resentful mooching,” which amounts to ” hay betch, we acknowledge your existance, now feed us but don’t you dare touch us!!”

  • I hate long walks on the beach. That’s what large rocks, board walks, and pavement are for, dammit. Take care of your ankles.
  • Disney, food, cute stuff.

    Manny Pig

    Manny Pig wants to enjoy his lettuce in peace, goddammit

  • I like spending time outside?

    Bernard Pig

    Bernard Pig wants you to back the fuck up

  • This list is the worst and it’s going to end now.

Lists are so inefficient, but so alluring. You can’t successfully fit who you are into a list – it will either be excruciatingly long and boring or too short to get your ideas across. But I do love bullet points!

At least you got to see my pets, right? They’re adorable. That’s why we’re all here in the end.


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